U.S. Money Card the Reloadable Prepaid Card
FREE SMS Texts balance and Transaction Alerts

Stay up to date with your balance with message alerts, online or by smart phone. Receive daily SMS text message with your account balance automatically! Every morning (or at a pre-set time) a text message will be sent to your cell phone with the latest balance on your card account After each transaction, you will receive a SMS text message alert with the amount of the transaction and your new balance. Balance and transaction history can also be reviewed online by logging into your account or by calling our Customer Care Center at 866–872–9820.


How to use your U.S. Money Card MasterCard®

U.S. Money card is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard®. You can only spend what you deposit, so there are no costly overdraft or interest fees. The U.S. Money Card is easy to use and a convenient alternative to credit cards and traditional banking. Having a prepaid U.S Money Card is safer than carrying cash and you can use it anywhere, worldwide, where debit MasterCard® is accepted.

There are a few convenient ways to add money to your card:

  • Come by in person and make a cash deposit at any of your local Check Into Cash or U.S. Money Shops stores.
  • Add through any Western Union® agent location.
  • Or save time and money by enrolling in our FREE direct deposit. We can have your paychecks, tax refunds, or government disbursements, such as social security, automatically deposited into your card account. No more worrying about check cashing fees, waiting in lines, trips to the bank, or lost checks. Best of all, no bank account is required. Get started with the U.S. Money card.

How to use your U.S. Money Prepaid Card

You can shop, pay bills or withdraw cash very easily with your U.S. Money Card:

  • Use your U.S. Money Card worldwide at any location where debit MasterCard® is accepted — in-store, online, or over the phone. It's so convenient!
  • You can pay bills online or by phone using your U.S. Money Card.
  • Withdraw money from any MasterCard® ATM worldwide. Minimize ATM fees by using MoneyPass ATMs. Use the easy online ATM finder to find a location near you.
  • Best of all, when a check is the only option to pay a bill, with the U.S. Money Card you can! U.S. Money Card offers pre-printed checks to its customers which can be used at their discretion to make payments where check writing is more convenient. These checks are guaranteed to be paid to the merchant or recipient of the check. Get started with U.S. Money card personalized checks.
  • Daily balance alerts. Every morning you will receive an SMS text with the balance on your U.S. Money Card.
  • After each transaction, a SMS text will be sent to you within minutes to alert you with the transaction amount and your new balance (before any transaction fee apply).
  • You can also check your balance and transaction history online or by phone!